Russ Schundler was raised in New Jersey where he grew to love the outdoors through active engagement in sports.  His interest grew from organized athletics to kayaking and backpacking where Russ learned to take time out to absorb the natural gifts given to us in the "great outdoors".
After graduating from Princeton University, Russ's work life made similar transformations.  His earlier focus was on the more disciplined areas of engineering, manufacturing, finance, systems and marketing.  More recently, for 15 years before retiring, he coached individuals, who had lost their job, to discover their skills and self-interests, so they could re-establish meaningful and successful careers.
On weekends and during vacations, Russ followed his passion, photography. He likes to capture the wonders of nature for display in both homes and offices.  Russ's experimentation in photographic arts began in college where he became proficient with cameras and darkrooms.  Now, in retirement, he uses digital cameras and Photoshop to capture expressive images of nature's simple beauty.  He likes to put on hiking boots, slap on a backpack with a camera and tripod, and head out to build his fine art photography collection.
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